What is Lola?

The Lola app provides teachers and support personnel with a tool that runs specific work systems, routines and sub tasks for students. Lola uses visual timers and allows for private one-to-one messaging between teachers and students to keep the flow of learning going. 

These functionalities support a student when they struggle to stay on track and execute tasks in a timely and precise manner. 

Who is Lola for? 

Lola, was initially created for elementary teachers to help kids with executive function challenges stay on track in the classroom. However, Lola can be used by anyone who has difficulty with focus and completing tasks in a timely manner. 

Lola can be used in a school setting between teachers and students, at home between a parent and child or in any setting where someone needs help while completing multi-step instructions. 

Is Lola just for kids with special needs? 

No. We developed Lola to help kids with executive function challenges stay on track in the classroom. However, during early testing, several teachers tried out Lola with their entire classroom and believe the experience benefited all students. 

How does Lola work? 

Worksystems: Whenever a teacher gives multi-step directions, he/she can create a Worksystem of those assignment steps - broken down into single steps (tasks)and send it to student(s). After the student receives the assignment steps through Lola, learning runs easily! 

Messaging System: Lola’s private messaging and quick-message buttons allow for quiet, immediate, visual communication that keeps classroom disruptions down and the learning flow going. 

Visual Timers: Set by the teacher, these show time “counting down” or “sustaining a fixed duration” of time next to each task on the student and teacher dashboard. The students see just how much time they have and/or how much time to go, as well as the teacher seeing his/her students’ progress. 

What devices are needed to run Lola? 

If you’re a teacher, you just need a web browser and an Internet connection to use Lola. You can use a PC or tablet. Of course, you’ll need to register an account to get started. Students can use PCs or tablets. Right now, most students use Lola on iPads, but any tablet with a browser that is connected to the Internet can use the app. If you are on a school network, you may need permission from your IT group to use the app since IT often block websites and apps that are not approved. 

How do you protect my privacy?

Lola has a formal user agreement in place that protects schools, teachers, and students’ privacy. 

Who is using Lola today?

At the present time, K12 teachers and special education assistants who help kids with executive function challenges have been using Lola since 2015. Some of these teachers also use Lola for their entire classroom. We also have developmental pediatricians, parents, and non-public service providers (Behavior Intervention Implementation Providers) using Lola daily.

I’m a teacher. Can I use it with my class right now?

Yes, you can try Lola for free. Please send us a message via our contact form and we'll set you up with a trial account. If you have questions or want to learn more about how teachers are using Lola today, please contact us. 

I’m a principal. What do I need to do to get Lola approved for use at my school?

Please send us a message through the contact form. There are some simple forms that need to be signed by you, the Principal, and some privacy user agreements for the teachers and parents to sign. 

Who is behind Lola?

Lola is made up of a small team of teachers and software developers in Los Angeles, California. The Lola Advisory Board includes Educational Psychologists, Child Development Experts, previous LAUSD School Board Members and CEO's of California Charter Schools. 

What is Executive Function?

Executive Function is a set of mental processes that helps connect past experiences with present actions. People use it to perform actions such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and managing time and space.

Using Lola? Common issues.

At this stage, Lola runs as a web app through the laptop, desktop, or tablet browser. Browsers can be a bit tricky. If you have login issues, you may have to clear your cache or delete your history. If content or data does not seem to load, try refreshing. 

It is common to run into wifi connectivity issues at schools. To resolve, try turning off the device for a minute and restart. 

Devices, such as iPad's, can also cause problems. Most of the issues can be resolved by restarting or checking your Internet connection.

When you use Lola, you can use our Support Chat and we'll help you resolve any issue you might have as quickly as possible.