Lola is a special education app, designed to revolutionize the teaching of Executive Function management to the tens of thousands of children – initially in the Los Angeles area, but applicable worldwide! – who currently require the cutting-edge learning techniques that Lola can now provide, to overcome their critical, limiting deficiency.
— William Hook
Learning issues are real and more prevalent than most people realize. Lola assists those children who most need help in navigating the maze of school and life requirements. I can’t understand why this concept hasn’t been developed before now, but at least we finally can take a giant step to assist our children who are struggling. I have seen research grants come and go in the educational and organizational area, and this one has them all beat. Let’s get it funded now!
— Bob Toni
Thank you for creating and developing this app idea. Lola describes my own child when she was in 3rd grade. Karen, your dedication, passion and experience will help countless number of young students feel good about themselves and confident about learning.
— L.F. Chung
This is an excellent example of using technology in a positive way to ensure that students with IEP’s truly feel ‘inclusive’, feel empowered, independent and self-sufficient! Fantastic way to raise kids’ self esteem and to help kids feel in control; to demonstrate their ‘abilities’ rather than their ‘disabilities’.
— K. Grace Baker
Attempting to come to terms with itself in this new age of technology; handing over to our children so many—too many—of our huge new advancements in social media, not to mention scores of bigger and more seductive games to distract them, along comes someone who looks at the true needs of our children and offers to help. Lola is to children with ELD (Executive function Learning Disabilities) what CPR is to the nearly drowned. Imagine your child struggling to keep up and coming home from school every day embarrassed and confused. Imagine something they could understand and use; not only to stop feeling badly about themselves, but to keep up and ultimately excel. We all know the importance of education and we all want what is best for our children; they deserve no less than we are able to offer them; a hand to hold with a string tied to its finger, just in case they need help remembering that we are there to guide them. Yours is that hand, and Lola is that string. It’s about time…
— S. Whitman
This app has to come to the educational marketplace. I work with middle school students who struggle with executive functioning challenges on a daily basis. As they move between classrooms and teachers throughout the day, this app could positively effect both their academics and their self-esteem. We often see the students with special needs lose out on instruction because they are several steps behind in getting prepared to learn. While the typical student has their notebook out, their pencil in hand, and their eyes on the teacher, a student who struggles with executive functioning may be just thinking about where to set down their binder and why their desk is not aligned in the same direction as it was yesterday. Engaging this student with an app that will provide a step-by-step process of what to do coupled with positive feedback will help students be ready to learn at the same time as his/her peers. Middle school students have a strong desire to “look” like everyone else. A personal hand-held app that takes the place of an instructional assistant, will allow the student to be organized and ready to learn without having an adult hovering over his/her shoulder. Let me know if you need beta testers – I have a few students who I would love to give a chance to try out Lola! Good luck in bringing this app to the market.
— JEMteach