Welcome to Lola! 

We're excited that you chose Lola and we want to help you get going as quickly as possible. For a new school, there are just a few steps we need to tackle before you can start. 

Step 1: Agreement and list of teachers

First, we have a simple agreement between us, Lola, and you/your school. You can download this agreement here. All we need is the name, signature, and the e-mail of your principal or someone who is authorized to sign off on software use at your school. Next, we need the names and emails of the teachers you'd like to invite to Lola. Please use the form here. Once we have this from you, we will create your school account and invite each teacher on this list to login to Lola. 

Step 2: First time login for teachers

Once teachers receive the e-mail with login information, each user have to agree to our Terms of Use. Please also review our Privacy Policy

Step 3: Parental consent for students

Before you start adding students to your class or classes in Lola, we need to make sure you have the explicit consent from the parents of your students.  Please use this Parental Consent form to the parents and have them sign it. Please scan and e-mail the form to us at support@lolatechsystems.com. You cannot have any students using Lola without explicit parental consent.

That's it. If you have any questions, please review our FAQ's or contact us directly at support@lolatechsystems.com or use our support chat option inside the app or on our website.

Thank you - we look forward to working with you!