As a teacher, once you register, you can run Lola for a select number of students in your class (or your entire class).

Here's how it works:


Whenever you give multi-step directions, you can create a Worksystem of those assignment steps - broken down into single steps (tasks)and send it to student(s). After the student receives the assignment steps through Lola, learning runs easily!

Work System Tasks

Work System Tasks

Messaging System

Lola’s private messaging and quick-message buttons allow for quiet, immediate, visual communication that keeps classroom disruptions down and the learning flow going.

Chat Messaging

Chat Messaging

Visual Timers

You set the timers for each task that show time “counting down” or “sustaining a fixed duration” of time next to each task on the student and your teacher dashboard. The students see just how much time they have and/or how much time to go. You see your students' progress.

Task Countdown Timers

Task Countdown Timers

Can I use Lola for all my students?

Lola can be used by anyone who has difficulty with focus and completing tasks in a timely manner. Lola can be used in a school setting between teachers and students, at home between a parent and child or in any setting where someone needs help while completing multi-step instructions.

What devices are needed to run Lola?

If you’re a teacher, you just need a web browser and an Internet connection to use Lola. You can use a PC or tablet. Of course, you’ll need to register an account to get started. Students can use PCs or tablets. Right now, most students use Lola on iPads, but any tablet with a browser that is connected to the Internet can use the app. If you are on a school network, you may need permission from your IT group to use the app since IT often block websites and apps that are not approved.

Want Lola for your classroom?

We are in closed BETA testing. While in closed testing, you can ask to be on the invite list for our public launch. We have not yet set our launch date, but will publish the data as soon as we are ready. Meanwhile, please contact us if you have questions. We do want to hear from you!

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