Lola has been named a case study for new and innovative technology in the new book Charting the Course, Special Education in Charter Schools, by Azure D. S. Angelov and David F. Bateman. 2016

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Charter schools have expanded over the last 20 years, reaching 2 million students in 5,500 schools nationwide.

This book tells the interesting history of the public education system and how we have strived to serve the underserved with equality in education. It also explains how collaboration with policy makers, teachers, and parents using new ideas and innovative technologies to design individualized education programs is most effective for all students, including those with disabilities.

Case Study: The Era of Educational Innovation Los Angeles Unified School District Los Angeles, California

“Education is supposed to evolve. Technology can scaffold instruction in a whole new way. Ed tech should start with teachers. Teachers have the ideas and innovation to take our profession back. I feel like we’ve lived through the dark ages and are moving into an era of innovation in education.” Karen Caruso

“If your idea is driven by your students, keep them as your focus. Students should be your North Star.” Karen Caruso

Innovation was the theme of the times, and innovation could take place within the present system. Find some new idea or program, and then all that was needed was some in-service training and presto: education in your school would be improved! (Ray Budde, 1996, p. 72)

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