“Brian” is an elementary student with an IEP who struggled to stay on task every day.

During a November IEP meeting, Tina, the supervisor at a non-public Service Provider Agency, presented the following data sheet, collected by Behavior Intervention Implementation Provider (BII's).

This student started using Lola after the summer break (September). You can clearly see the improvement in these charts:

We've summarized the findings here:

And that's why the Special Ed team unanimously wrote Lola into this student’s IEP.

Authentically and honestly establishing an inclusive classroom varies in complexity for each student with special needs, but can be a reality- with Lola helping.

Thanks to you all for getting this into schools, homes and the lives of the kids who are truly experiencing inclusion!

*Disclaimer: The data presented here is not meant to indicate that Lola will work for all children and results may vary significantly depending on many factors outside the control of the child, school, teacher, or BII's. We provide no guarantee that Lola will be effective for all children.