I got to spend an awesome day with other members of Team Lola for the COP3 Summit at the California Endowment Center! In between seminars, we had many visitors to our table, giving us an opportunity to share the benefits of how Lola helps students with Special Needs function independently in the classroom. A quick demonstration of the interactive student/teacher system is all it takes to see just how easy it is to implement and maintain.

Later in the day, Karen and Kaye gave a seminar on Executive Function and what it means in today’s classroom. Lately there’s been a lot of chatter about what EF is and what it takes to develop it. The seminar focused on what EF is, and how a lack of it significantly affects the majority of today’s students. This is a growing problem in today’s distractible world. Simply put: educators must find new ways to keep students on task and engaged if these kids are going to be and feel independently successful. Though the information in the seminar wasn’t new to me, I left feeling convinced that Lola is going change the face of learning.