As a Behavior Intervention Facilitator, what does your work consist of in the classroom?

Typically when I work with a child in the classroom I sit across the room and watch to make sure that he or she is on task. If not I give a verbal or a gestural prompt, and sometimes I walk up to the child. I talk to him or her while they are sitting at their desk amongst their peers.

How has Lola benefited you?

With Lola this past year I have been able to monitor one of my students, and what he's working on from across the room. I can check to see what assignments that he has finished and what he is doing next. It also helps me to show what the teacher expects from my student; I know what's coming next and how long each assignment should take. If he's not on task I could message him and no one else knows what I'm saying.

There have been times in other classes where there's been down time, and I'm not sure what to have the student work on if he was finished with everything. Lola kept every student busy because they were all able to work at their own pace and not have down time or run out of things to do. This program takes my job to the next level by helping my child become more inclusive. He doesn't have an adult lingering over his shoulder to talk to him while he's sitting with his peers.

Have you had any specific challenges that Lola helped you overcome?

One of the challenges I had last year was that he got tired or me approaching him. He'd turn away from me as I walked up to correct his behavior. His peers would also hear it and stare, making it less inclusive for him. I felt bad because I knew I was embarrassing him. Lola solved that problem because I can still correct him and the other kids don't know. I can praise him and reward him with a break and no one knows but myself and the teacher.

Do you feel you've benefited from using Lola?

This program has helped my student tremendously because it helps to keep him on task. His assignments are broken down for him. He can ask questions and communicate with myself or his teacher from his seat. He has become more independent. He doesn't stand out as much from his peers. If an adult were to walk into the room and observe they might have a hard time deciphering which child was mine.