When we started Lola, we thought Lola should be used by teachers inside the classroom.

The idea was that teachers would create and run task lists for students. The students would complete the task lists. Lola, therefore, would be primarily be "driven" by the teacher (Guide) and the "receiver" would be the student (Learner).

This is still how Lola is used today. However, as we talked to students he heard that many of them wanted to use Lola on their own. Parents came to us and said their thought their kids would also want to create their own task lists (Worksystems) and run these systems on their own.

In other words, they wanted "single player mode"! In single player mode, a user is acting both as Guide and Learner. This "mode" is quite simple. All you do is to create your Worksystems, just as any Guide would do, and then run your systems from the top right menu.


When you run your Worksystem, it just shows up directly on your screen. To cancel, you just hit the cancel option. 

We're always looking for your feedback. Reach out to us if you have ideas on how we can make Lola better!