Creating your Worksystems from ground up can be time consuming and challenging - especially if you are not familiar with breaking down work into small steps. Don't worry - help is on the way!

To make it easier for you, we have launched the Worksystem library. You can now share any Worksystem you have created with other users or simply adopt Worksystems from other Guides.

How it works

To adopt a Worksystem, go to "Worksystems" and click the link.


After selecting a Worksystem you like, you can use it as is or edit the Worksystem to fit your needs. Easy!

To share Worksystems, you go to your Worksystem list, select one, and hit "publish" to make it available to other Guides.


When you publish your Worksystem for others to enjoy, you can describe it and add some tags that will make it easier for others to find. 


That's it! Now, others can see the Worksystem you've created and adopt it to use with their Learners. If they make changes to it, those changes will not apply to your Worksystem - only to the one they have adopted.

Today, there are hundreds of Worksystems waiting to be adopted by you in the library. We're working on tools that will make it easier to find the Worksystem you'd like to use. This includes a search function and organization by tags (categories). if you have suggestions on how we can best improve the Worksystem library please let us know!

Thank you for using Lola!